The King’s Arms has a long and rich history, it has been in existence as a pub, a hotel or an inn for longer than any other business in the area – since at least 1709 and probably longer.
Two widowed sisters, Mary Spurling and Mary Johnson, acquired the only grant of land from the Palace estate in 1648, during the Commonwealth period. 
In those days, small scale brewing was typically done by women, and the grant was probably used to set up a business selling beer to staff, gardeners and soldiers.

However, the inscription on the Kings Arms Hotel wall is 1709, marking the date of the first license, and its beginning as a legitimate Inn, rather than just a shop that sold beer. With Queen Anne on the throne the Inn was first named the Queens Arms, but by 1772 it had changed sex to the Kings Arms, with King George the third on the throne.
Today, it has been refurbished into a boutique hotel. But whether you pop in for a drink or meal, or are staying as a hotel resident, you will be pleased to discover that our hotel has lost none of its historic charm and elegance.

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